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If you would like to have Jon and Deanna come and share their testimony and music at your church, ministry, or event, please contact them at

P.O. Box 551484
Jacksonville, FL 32255

What Pastors and Ministries are Saying about Jon and Deanna

“It is my privilege to recommend Jon and Deanna Nichols to you. Their testimony is one of faith and inspiration as they have walked through the challenges and adversity that come with dealing with difficult medical issues. Their music and testimony will be an encouragement to those that hear them. I am glad for their friendship and believe that God is going to use them to help many.”

- Dr. Tom Messer, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church
Jacksonville, FL

“My cousin Deanna started singing before she even walked as a baby. My dad, her uncle Hugo, named her “Angel Baby” because of her musical talent. She grew up in church singing, and when she married Jon the two became one unique voice in harmony, creating an almost heavenly sound of worship. They are a true blessing to any church service or event. I have worked with several top Christian artists in my own ministry over the years, so on a scale of 1 to 10 they are right at the top - a 10.”

- Pastor Rocco Morelli, Rocco Morelli Ministries International

“The Nichols have a unique testimony of God's provision and faithfulness. You will be blessed by the Nichols' love for God as well as their exemplary musical talents. I encourage you to invest in this ministry. You will be blessed!”

– Tog Goodson, Worship Pastor, Mandarin Baptist Church
Jacksonville, FL