Sharing Our Journey of Faith

Both preacher's kids, we were raised in church and with a knowledge of God and the Bible. We both began singing in church at a very young age and went on to study music at Bible college, where our voice instructor brought us together. But it was ultimately chronic illness that forged a special bond between us. Jon had juvenile diabetes since age two and had a lot of health challenges as a result, and I began struggling with multiple health issues in high school which became much worse in college. By God's grace, we found one another and were uniquely able to encourage each other through our health problems. But shortly after we were married, my own health continued to decline to the point where I eventually became disabled and housebound.

The burden fell to Jon to provide for our family, be my caregiver, and take over nearly all the responsibilities of our family. We both often felt overwhelmed, discouraged, and lonely in our constant struggles and often felt forgotten and abandoned by God and our church family. We began to realize that being open and authentic about our journey was more important than putting up a brave front while crumbling inside. The more we shared the ups and downs of our life and faith, the more we realized that people needed to hear our story to know that, by faith, they too can make it through life's trials. We want you to know that it's okay to struggle and have doubts when life seems unbearable. God may not always remove the cause of your suffering, but if you allow Him to, He will carry you through and help you to find purpose in the midst of your pain. If we are able to comfort even one person by experiencing tough times and sharing our story, then we are truly blessed!


2 Corinthians 1:3-4 "... so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God."